Sunday, February 10, 2013

Coming out of Babylon   B. K. Chadwell

The Disobedience of the Children of Israel resulted in the Babylonian captivity.  Seventy years later the opportunity to return to their homeland and rebuild Jerusalem, the temple and their way of life under God was presented.

Those captive Jews choosing to return to Palestine and rebuild the temple were faced with unprecedented Change and resistance from friends and foes alike.

The Jews in Babylonian captivity were never forced, the opportunity was only offered for them to come out of Babylon and return...the call was sent out. 

 Years later, the Apostle John, with divine inspiration, would pen words which were keyed to Jewish days of captivity in Babylon,  yet, somehow, mysteriously connected and directed  to Christians then... and perhaps for Christians now, as well.....        (Continue Reading)


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