Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Episode 5. The Open Range Show; "Our Nations One Clear Hope..."

The Open Range Show  (new each week)

This week; Episode 5. Our Nations One Clear Hope...
Featuring the great sounds of Country Gospel artists; "Larry C. Johnson"; Rocky Morris; Buddy Coppock and Gayla Earlene.  Plus... some scripture and comments regarding our nations “One Clear Hope”; by Keith. 
Hosted by Keith; The "Open Range Show" is a 30 minute, internet radio show, featuring Country/Western Gospel music ministers and  Keith will do some Bible teaching as well.  If you know Keith, it is more likely to be concerning The Kingdom of God and the mystery of the Kingdom.  Each week we will feature a new program and we will open wide the gates to the vast expanses of God's word, in a variety of ways, to include Country/Western Gospel music, Bible teaching, Western Gospel Poetry and even a bit of appropriate...Cowboy Poetry, from time to time.   

Below is a link to the "Open Range" page at Keith's web site where the The "Spreaker" Radio player is ready to go with this weeks program.  
(Link to Radio Player)

Tune in again next week, the latch string will be out for you....

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