Monday, September 2, 2013

"Tongues"...what's the deal?


“Tongues”…what's the deal?


Yesterday, (9/1/2013) I read a secular news article that was brought to my attention by a concerned Christian friend.  The article was from an MSN news pop culture clip with this headline:

Sadly, this is not just a recent happening.  The Church, by and large, has long permitted the dismissal and/or diminishing of this critical gift.  This dismissal and/or diminishings have been to the tremendous hurt of the Church and of the world in its total.
God ordained this gift, in part, as a bridge to facilitate the Kingdom of Heaven coming in earth and the earth being filled with the knowledge of the glory of God.  This gift, to be used in faith by believers, was the way God chose to bridge a progressive transition from the Kingdoms of this world to the Kingdom of God being fully manifest in the earth, in spite of the interim inadequacies of flesh and blood.    
Regardless of any other lessons, arguments or thoughts in chapter 14 of 1st Corinthians, there are some key facts that need to be isolated, amplified and illuminated for the Church.   Unless these specific points are isolated and amplified, it is far too easy to be distracted and led into divisive, repetitious, “rabbit trail arguments” that miss the point of truth on this critical subject.

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